Jose Assima (1989, Las Palmas), Spanish artist from The Canary Islands, is an artist who despite his great fascination to travel and see the world, is artistically rooted in their homeland.

It grows in the desert island of Fuerteventura where observer and quiet, character naturally empathizes with the surrounding countryside. Unknowingly this energy island, would be fundamental base in his inspiration and art.


Just after high school, he travels to Seville to make a career of Fine Arts. Three years later he moved to Barcelona to continue to deepen, then continues in New York, all the way to Berlin.


All this learning and vision of these four cities lived makes, along with his home longing, all these artistic perceptions reflected in the works of Assima believed.


His artistic interests include various techniques such as sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, serigraphy, lithography, photography, design and video. 





Operating systems:

Windows and Mac




Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro


Affinity Photo

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Internet domain and social networks




Working and creating art

Professional drone pilot course - World Aviation

Design video study with Adobe Premiere.


Web design study.

Certificate proficient in English.
New York Language Center.


Graduate of Fine Arts, specializing in  Design and Engraving and Printing. Receiving honors in Photography
Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, University of Seville.

Bachelor of Arts.
IES San Diego Alcalá, Fuerteventura

Graduate ESO.
IES La Oliva, Fuerteventura


School graduate.
Public School Lajares, Fuerteventura






















Spanish. Mother language
English. Level B2
German. Level A1


2021. Group art exhibition "A Través de tu mirada" by Vitite, in Innside by Melia, Fuerteventura.

2021. "Huellas en la arena" project, by "Casa museo Tomas Morales".


2020. Single art exhibition "Cuando Hablan los Callaos" in Innside by Melia, Fuerteventura.

2020. Group art exhibition in Disparate Lab, Gran Canaria

2020. Group photógraphy exhibition "A través de tu objetivo" in Innside by Melia, Fuerteventura.

2019. Single exhibition, decoration and design of the restaurant "Piedra Alta".

2019. Single exhibition in "Centro de Arte Canario Casa Mane" 10 March - 10 June. Fuerteventura

2019. Designer of the book cover "Romanceros de Fuerteventura", by Maximiano Trapero.

2018. Indefinite exhibition in "Centro de Arte Canario Casa Mane". Fuerteventura

2017. Designer of the book cover "Romanceros de la Gomera", by Maximiano Trapero.

2016. International Group Exhibition "Artist in Residence". Organized by "Venice Art House Gallery" in collaboration with Residenza Ca 'Zanardi (Venice).

2016. Designer of the book cover "Romanceros de Tenerife", by Maximiano Trapero.

2014. Editorial designer of the book called "Guillermo Garcia-Blairsy Reina. Un científico visionario"


2013. Single exhibition in the Medio Rombo Gallery. Fuerteventura.


2012. Single exhibition at the Castle of El Cotillo "The Toston", Fuerteventura.


2011/12. Official photographer and designer of the musical Rock Group "Gaggia" Seville.


2010/11. Year with the scholarship "Seneca" in the University of Barcelona, expanding their knowledge in photography, engraving and serigraphy.


2007/12. Graduate of Fine Arts at the University of Seville with specialization of design, engraving and printing, receiving honors in Photography.


2007. Winner of a Photo contest under the sea, Fuerteventura


2001. Designer of the official logo of the School Lajares, Fuerteventura